The irruption of Covid-19 has been a challenge for everyone including those like me who work in the music industry. As we drive through the changes we are facing and dive into unknown waters, this is the time to create, learn new skills, and support each other. These are the services I’m offering remotely, please inquire about pricing and availability. Let’s stay creative and positive and thank you for your support!

Guitar Session Recording

I can record guitars for your track: electric, acoustic, classical, mandolin and charango. VST Connect, Source Connect are just  some of the options.

Music Technology Lessons

I can walk you trough the basic and more advanced concepts in Logic Pro and Cubase. I can show you my approach to music composition, music production, film scoring and even music notation in Dorico.

Music Production

If you have a basic equipment to record your vocals and/or instruments and you can send me the files, I'll take care of the rest. From pre-production to master. This includes midi programing, arranging and orchestration, guitar recording and creative meetings over Facetime, Skype and Zoom. Revisions and notes by email, phone or via live sessions.

Guitar Lessons

A 45m to 1h guitar lessons via Skype, Facetime or Zoom. For beginners, professional musicians and everyone in between.

Solo Live Performance - Stream

A set of 30m to 1h of solo guitar just for you and your guests. The repertoire could include Jazz, popular songs, Tango and any other music requested by you.

Music Transcriptions & Arrangements

I can create a custom score or lead-sheet based on the audio/video recording you send me. I can also create a custom arrangement of your song with new instrumentation.